Thinning hair is an extremely frustrating condition. The underlying cause of the hair loss is not always apparent and treatments for hair loss are often ineffective as they don't address the underlying cause. At FoRM, thinning hair is a common concern we address through Functional and Regenerative medicine. Our approach is to identify and address the underlying cause of hair loss; stimulate the growth of new, healthy hair, using Platelet Rich Plasma, while actively preventing future hair loss.

In the mean-time, here are 3 steps you can take now to start improving hair health.

1. Eat/Supplement with Collagen- collagen is a key nutrient for growth and integrity of hair, skin, and health of joints. Consuming bone broth or adding collagen peptides to your smoothies, increases collagen availability to support growing hair (and skin & joints). Disclaimer- make sure your collagen sourcing comes from grass-fed cows. Side effects of collagen supplementation include reduction of joint pain and reduction in IBS-like symptoms.

2. Nutrafol supplementation- Nutrafol is a supplement which combines the best herbs, vitamins & minerals for hair growth and health. Using the combination of science and nature, it has been consistently effective at helping our patients who struggle with hair loss and premature thinning. 

3. Reduce chemical exposure- Unfortunately many hair care products damage and stress out hair, contributing to unhealthy hair and premature hair loss. Environmental working group provides an online resource for determining if your hair and skincare products are safe to use or if they are riddled with harmful chemicals. Visit to review your personal products and their safety profile. Replace any harmful hair care products with those with better safety profiles (opt for products ranking 1 or 2 in Skindeep database). Add 3-4 drops of essential oils, such as rosemary, lavender, or peppermint to shampoo or other anti-inflammatory oils to support healthy hair and scalp naturally.

Struggling with thinning hair? Follow the link ( for a great review of common underlying causes of hair loss and additional steps you can take to address hair loss. Want to get to the bottom of your hair loss? We can help. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Herman to start the process of restoring your hair naturally.

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