Eat Your Way to a Healthy Immune System!


Have you thought about your immune system lately? It’s easy to be reactive when you can’t hear your thoughts over a cough that settles in or a head cold that catches you by surprise. At FoRM Health, we’re all about proactivity – making a choice or two a day that leads to us feeling well in the moment AND being able to respond to the season of germs. We all know Vitamin C and Echinacea are both a go-to when trying to address a weakened immune system but there are tons of other awesome nutrients we can get
from foods + herbs. Most importantly, they’re all pretty easy to incorporate into the daily hustle. Here’s
a list of 6 fun whole-foods to boost immunity!
*Elderberry: Move over Echinacea – Elderberry is a potent immune system regulator. This berry has been shown to help with reducing inflammation, decreasing viral load in infections, and killing bacteria. A terminator berry, really.
*Turmeric + Ginger: Both of these pungent spices are great in decreasing inflammation – exactly what you want when feeling congested and stuffed up! Ginger is also helpful in digestive distress, which can happen when dealing with colds.
* Garlic: This allium packs a punch in its ability to kill microbes. It has sulfur-containing
compounds that can help you kick an infection stat!
* Pomegranate: Potent antioxidants are found in the arils (seeds) and pomegranates are very high in vitamin C. They also have polyphenols like ellagic acid, which shows high anti-microbial
activity. Quite the delicious immune boost, am I right?
* Local Honey: This delightful syrup has loads of antibacterial properties and is incredibly soothing. Making sure to have raw, local honey helps with getting as much benefit as possible while lessening environmental allergies. If you want a honey that will have the most potent effects – Manuka honey is shown to be an impressive germ killer. Honey can also help suppress coughs. A spoonful of sugar IS the medicine in this case!
* Green Tea: Lots of antioxidant properties in green tea but more specifically, an amino acid in green tea – L theanine –helps bolster germ fighting compounds in your body. Cheers to your

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