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As you age, you probably spend a great deal of time focusing on changes in your body. But your brain health also changes as the years go by. The team at FoRM Health PDX in Portland, Oregon, understands the importance of brain health in the larger context of overall health and wellness. A number of treatments are available to improve brain health and keep you functioning at the highest possible level, so call or schedule online today to get started.

Brain Health

What is brain health?

The definition of “brain health” encompasses many aspects, including, your ability to remember, concentrate, make sense of the world, judge appropriately, plan accordingly, etc as well as mental- emotional wellness, and maintaining healthy body patterns, impacting such things as sleep-wake cycle. There are many factors which interfere with healthy brain function including environmental factors, persistent stress, insomnia, suboptimal lifestyle factors and past injuries or traumas . 

At FoRM, we offer tools for sustaining and optimizing brain function, while focusing on anti-aging methods for brain health. To establish a brain health baseline, we offer a "brain mapping", full cognitive evaluation, and blood analysis. Based on your results, we offer a personalized treatment plan to help improve areas of weakness, preserve mental stamina, enhance memory processing, and optimize function, mood and sleep.


What is brain optimization?

Brain optimization is a treatment approach that seeks to restore proper cognitive function. At FoRM Health PDX, neurofeedback is the preferred treatment for brain optimization. 

This process works by training your brain to function in a more efficient manner. The first step involves using a series of electrodes placed on your scalp to record your brainwave activity. Special software converts those signals into visible patterns that you can watch on a screen. 

Next, you’re given a series of tasks to perform, similar to a video game. You control the game using your brain, which “trains” your brain to operate in a more regulated manner. Over time, this method of “brain training” can optimize your cognitive function.


What issues can brain optimization improve?

In addition to improving brain fog, brain optimization can help your brain perform more efficiently and effectively in a number of ways. Studies show brain optimization is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety. 

Athletes can also benefit from brain optimization. While you may consider athleticism to be merely a physical matter, swift brain function is necessary to guide your body to peak performance. 

Imagine the number of brain operations it takes to calculate the velocity and direction of a baseball and to estimate the number of steps it takes to get in the proper position to catch that ball. Those calculations take place in a fraction of a second without conscious effort. 

Issues like attention deficit disorder (ADD) and other behavioral problems can benefit from brain optimization, and there’s even evidence to suggest this type of therapy can play a role in preventing cognitive problems like Alzheimer’s disease. 

To learn more about brain optimization, book an appointment at FoRM Health PDX online or by phone today.