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Avoid the frustration of being told "there's nothing wrong" when standard labs fail to identify underlying causes of your chronic symptoms. At FoRM Health PDX in Portland, Oregon, we dig deeper to reveal hidden obstacles to your well-being. Based on the latest research, these advanced diagnostic techniques helps us create targeted treatment plans, formulated just for you. Advanced diagnostic testing (often not covered by insurance) can be combined with standard laboratory testing (typically covered by insurance) to provide us with the most complete picture of your health.

Advanced Testing

What is advanced diagnostic testing?

A thorough physical exam and routine blood work can reveal a lot about how your body functions. In some cases, however, a more in-depth approach is needed to reveal the cause of troubling symptoms. Advanced diagnostic testing goes a step beyond traditional diagnostic methods to learn more about your system and organ function. 

FoRM Health PDX offers numerous advanced testing options. Some of the areas where these innovative tests can be applied include:

  • Brain mapping
  • Brain span cognitive and nutritional evaluation
  • Comprehensive hormone testing
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Autoimmune panels
  • Micronutrient testing
  • Stool testing
  • Mold and environmental exposure

If a comprehensive physical exam and routine blood testing don’t provide the insight needed to guide your care, your provider may suggest advanced diagnostic testing.


What advanced diagnostic tests are available?

At FoRM Health PDX, the team offers any of the following diagnostic tests: 

  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Comprehensive hormone testing
  • Stool testing (microbiome & digestive function) 
  • Autoimmune panels 
  • Micronutrient testing (nutrient deficiency analysis) 
  • Mold & environmental exposure

Find out more about how these tests can help you improve your digestive health. 


Can’t I just order these tests on my own?

There are many companies that market advanced testing online and in print publications. However, there are benefits to working directly with medical professionals. 

A great deal of research goes into choosing the best advanced testing providers to include at FoRM Health PDX. Only companies with an excellent track record are considered, which means you can rely on the results. 

Interpreting the results of advanced testing is also far more complicated than looking over graphs and charts. Your provider reviews your test results in light of your overall health and wellness. 

Advanced testing is a wonderful tool, but no test reveals a complete picture of your health at a given point in time. Your doctor has the skill and experience needed to put your results to use in enhancing your quality of life. 

Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about the advanced diagnostic testing services available at FoRM Health PDX.