Prolozone is a unique treatment similar to standard prolotherapy, combining an injection of nutrients and dextrose with oxygen-ozone. The aim of this therapy is to help reduce pain and encourage tissue healing, by also increasing oxygen utilization at the damaged tissues. Ozone is also proven to induce a balanced cytokine profile (signaling molecules of the immune system), thereby stimulating or normalizing an immune response. Prolozone is often a precursor to standard regenerative therapies, particularly if inflammatory pain is the main limiter of function.  In our experience, at times this therapy works so well that patients do not require more standard regenerative therapies.


Conditions Treated

  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis, especially if chronically inflamed.
  • Pain that does not correlate with imaging findings
  • Patients, or tissues, that may be hypersensitive to the potential aggravation associated with prolo or PRP.
  • similar applications to prolotherapy


“I have commercially fished for 33 years and have been a competitive power lifter for 25, which has caused severe arthritis in both hips. I’d had prolotherapy done with Dr. Minarik and had geat results. We had both discussed that PRP might be a good way to go for my hips. With the option between replaced hips or PRP, I chose PRP. With just 1 injection on the left side, I’ve had great results and no pain anymore after 6 weeks. Now we are working on the right side. I’m thinking of going back to power lifting.”

- GO, 61yo



Q: What is Prolozone? +
A: Prolozone is a technique, similar to prolotherapy, that involves injecting a mix of procaine anesthetic, anti-inflammatory medication, vitamins, and ozone/oxygen around or into a joint or site of pain.  The mix of substances can help calm inflammation, reduce pain and stimulate regeneration.  Ozone can specifically reduce pain, while stimulating the immune system and oxygen utilization.  * For a complete overview of how prolozone works, written by the creator of this treatment, please click here.  


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