IV Nutritional & Ozone Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy involves administering key vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and amino acids directly into the body to quickly improve mood, energy, and overall wellness. 

IV Ozone therapy, otherwise known as Major Auto Hemotherapy, involves delivering ozone directly into the body to improve oxygenation of tissues, treat chronic infections, and support energy levels. It has multiple indications and is considered safe. IV therapy formulas can be customized to meet each individual's nutritional needs and can support performance at many levels including sports, brain function, and mood enhancement. 

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Common Conditions Treated

  • Sports Recovery & Performance
  • Chronic Fatigue and Viral Infections
  • Headaches, Pain & Injuries
  • Stress/ Anxiety/ Depression
  • Premature Aging and Other Skin, Nail, and Hair Problems
  • Hormone Imbalances and Thyroid Disorders
  • Digestive Disorders/ Malabsorption
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Asthma & Allergies
  • Colds & Flus


I came to Dr. Herman in desperation for relief. I had struggled with food allergies and debilitating digestive issues for years, with no success from various doctors. Dr. Herman compassionately listened to my story, and agreed to help me however she could. She ran not only did research on what could possibly be causing my illness, but also worked with me to develop a plan to get back to a healthy place. I now feel healthy and happy, and I could not have done that without Dr. Herman.
- LK, Graduate Student





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Q: What are the costs of IV therapy? +
A: IV therapy is not covered by insurance as it is considered experimental in nature. Costs of IV nutritional therapy range from $88 to $300 per treatment depending on length of infusion and nutrients used. IV ozone typically costs $154 per treatment. Your FoRM doctor will review the cost before administering IV therapy.
Q: How do I get started with IV therapy? +
A: Anyone interested in receiving IV therapy must have a new patient visit with Dr. Kai Herman before receiving their first infusion to determine appropriateness of treatment and review risks and contraindications of treatment. On occasion, the first infusion may be able to be performed on the same day as the first visit.
Q: Are there contraindications to receiving IV therapy? +
A: IV therapy is typically considered safe as most ingredients are naturally occurring and work well with your body. However, there is always a risk of experiencing a sensitivity or allergic reaction to any substance used, even when natural. Other risks include bruising, pain or infection at the site. IV therapy may not be appropriate for individuals with cancer, liver or kidney disease, bleeding or clotting disorders, and/or heart failure. If you have any of these conditions, please schedule a 15 minute consult before your first visit. 

Q: What conditions are appropriate to treat with IV Nutritional Therapy? +
A: IV nutritional therapy is easily customized for almost any condition or complaint. See list of popular IV formulas below.
Q: What type of IV formulas do you offer? +
A: Popular IV Formulas:
  • Energy Burst
  • Hangover Recovery
  • Immune and Wellness
  • Brain Boosst
  • Athletic Repairand Recovery
  • Sports Performanc
  • Anti-anxiety and Mood boost
  • Weight Loss
  • Anti-aging and Skin support
  • Hormone Balance

Q: What is IV Ozone therapy? +
A: IV Ozone therapy, also known as Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT), involves drawing a small amount of blood into a closed sterile bag along with saline, to which medical grade ozone is added. The mixture of ozone and your own blood- creates highly oxygenized, bright red blood which is then re-infused into the body. It is a popular treatment in Europe over the past several decades and has a high safety profile. 
Q: What are the theorized effects of IV ozone? +
A: Theorized Effects
  • Ozone stimulates the production of immune cells and helps balance the immune system
  • Ozone kills bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses
  • Ozone activates anti-cancer processes in the body
  • Ozone makes red blood cells more elastic and flexible
  • Ozone improves energy utilization and production in your body.
Q: What are common conditions treated with IV ozone therapy? +
A: This treatment is recommended on an individual basis. Your FoRM provider may recommend this treatment whenever the above-mentioned effects would be beneficial to you.