Flow through life! Too often, people settle for long-term reliance on medications and/or suffer with chronic symptoms because they are unaware of solutions to their problems. Functional Medicine is a solution-forward approach to healthcare. By identifying the root cause of illness and customizing a treatment plan, using integrative, minimally invasive approach, chronic health woes can be a thing of the past. Drs. Minarik and Herman follow a proactive style of healthcare, utilizing natural and scientifically-substantiated treatments which provide the body the greatest potential for long-term wellness and optimal function. 

Hormone Health

A comprehensive, holistic approach to helping patients find hormonal harmony. Balanced hormones are key to physical, mental, & emotional well-being.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Using an array of advanced laboratory tests helps reveal hidden causes of symptoms & illness and facilitates development of individualized and effective treatment plans. 

IV Nutritional & Ozone Therapy

IV therapy involves the administration of vital nutrients directly into the body to quickly improve mood, energy, and overall wellness. 



"Dr. Kai has worked to help me improve my health for over five years. She is a caring and careful professional who works with you to put together a plan to improve your health.  She seriously considers what you think and believe and then recommends a program which likely will work for you. Kai listens to you and takes the time to give you helpful and practical advice. I feel very lucky to have her as my doctor."
- HK, Judge



Q: What conditions and symptoms can be addressed with Functional Medicine? +
A: Almost any health problem can be helped with Functional Medicine. Identifying and correcting obstacles to health is the first step and can result in tremendous improvements in health, no matter the condition. The one exception, is we do not treat cancer patients at our clinic.
Q: What can I expect from my first Functional Medicine appointment? +
A: The first visit is typically an hour long. During that time the doctor will spend the first half of the appointment listening to your concerns and asking questions to get a complete picture of your health story. The second half of your visit will include an exam (when appropriate) and discussion of an action plan to strategize both short-term and long-terms solutions for regaining health.
Q: What type of services and treatments are typical in Functional Medicine? +
A: Initially treatment will focus heavily on lifestyle (sleep, stress management, exercise, etc) and dietary interventions to establish a stronger foundation of health. You will work closely with your doctor to develop health-forward, sustainable routines which work for you. After these adjustments have been made, the focus becomes strengthening weakened systems (eg. supporting the respiratory system when frequent lung infections are the concern) with with an integrative approach using natural remedies and procedures. Common treatments include: herbal medicine, therapeutic diets, IV therapies, nutritional supplements, hydrotherapy and/or prescription medications. Eventually, the last goal is to establish routines which maintain health and prevent development of chronic disease. This involves quarterly visits to your FoRM provider to proactively navigate the changing seasons and the evolving needs of our bodies.
Q: How much do Functional Medicine visits cost? +
A: Often, insurance will pay for the Functional Medicine visits at FoRM. In these instances, you will be responsible for the co-pay or co-insurance, which vary from plan to plan. Our providers are in network with most major insurance plans with the exception of Kaiser, Medicare/Medicaid, and United Health. If you would like to use your insurance plan, please provide your insurance information to the front desk so they can verify your benefits before your first visit. If you do not have insurance or have an out of network plan, we discount the cost of all visits and procedures, when paying at the time of service. Please call front desk for estimated costs. On the occasion that there may be additional costs, your provider will full disclose this information before providing treatment to avoid unexpected fees.
Q: What lab testing options do you offer at FoRM? +
A: There are many laboratory options available, which can be difficult to navigate and know which is the best test for you. Your FoRM provider will discuss which test(s) are the most indicated for your unique circumstances. See below for the most commonly used lab tests.

Popular Advanced Laboratory Tests
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Comprehensive Hormone Testing
  • Stool (Microbiome & Digestive Function) Testing
  • Adrenal & Cortisol Testing
  • Advanced Cardiometabolic Panels including inflammatory markers, early diabetes detection and detailed cholesterol panels
  • Autoimmune Panels
Q: Are there additional costs associated with these tests? +
A: Yes, these tests are often not covered by insurance. On occasion, your insurance may pay a portion of the cost after you have paid a set amount up front. All costs associated with these labs go directly to the lab company. Your FoRM provider does not benefit financially from ordering these tests. All expected fees will be discussed with you prior to ordering the tests, though fees are subject to change at the discretion of the lab company. In contrast, standard lab tests, either partially or fully,  are often covered by your insurance plan.