About Dr. Caitlan


Dr. Caitlan Readhead graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine with her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters in Nutrition, with a focus on weight management, sports medicine, and injection therapies. She also completed her Master in Integrative Medicine Research, where she focused on herbal supplementation for chronic knee pain in endurance runners. Following graduation, she completed a first year medical residency at an integrative medical clinic in San Francisco.

Prior to medical school, she earned her bachelors in Exercise Science, where she completed an internship at the Human Performance Lab understanding nutrition’s role in sports performance.

 In combination with both her undergraduate and medical education, she utilizes naturopathic principles, exercise, nutrition protocols, IV therapy, aesthetic medicine, and conventional medicine as necessary, to help her patients achieve their desired health goals. In her spare time Dr. Readhead enjoys running, reading, hiking, and trips to the beach.