Standard cosmetic procedures including botox and fillers, such as Restylane, are all the rage these days. These procedures can offer some pretty remarkable results in very little time, without surgery, which is great. However, for me, I believe cosmetic PRP procedures should have the upper hand and here’s why…


  1. PRP facials and skin rejuvenation actually improve the health of the skin at the cellular level. The growth factors released from the platelets stimulate the regeneration of healthy new skin cells, increase collagen content, enhance blood flow, and improve nerve function within the skin, all critical factors for healthy, youthful skin. Fillers and botox temporarily address signs of aging but provide no meaningful change for your skin.

  2. PRP facials and other cosmetic PRP treatments are truly all- natural. With PRP, we are simply harnessing our body’s process for healing and tissue regeneration. Concentrating the platelets, amplifies this naturally, elegant process, providing some amazing results with very little risk of side effects or an allergic reaction. 

  3. PRP is multi-faceted. PRP is essentially designed by your body, to work for your body. For this reason, it works really well for many common age-associated complaints. Fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, hair loss, arthritic joints, chronic injuries are just a few conditions helped by PRP. Other cosmetic procedures aren’t as versatile.

  4. Results from PRP treatments appear gradually over a 1-3 month period. For this reason, PRP treatments are very discrete, they merely help you put your best face forward, without the fear of suddenly looking like a different person.

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