Leaf Peepin’ & Liver Lovin’: Foods to Support your Autumnal Transition!

Feeling like it might be time to slow down? Autumn is the perfect time to move our attention inward. Summer season was the typical whirlwind of all good things: travel, sunshine, barbecues, ice-cold drinks. Who doesn’t love the radiance of summer activities? That being said, all of this yang – outward – energy can certainly leave us feeling a bit depleted by the time the leaves start to turn colors.


Such perfect timing that autumn harvest foods provide so many detoxing opportunities for us and our livers! Stews, soups, warm salads, hot elixirs – all of these are incredibly easy ways to combine a multitude of potent healing foods into your daily rotation as a way to cleanse & recharge during this sweet season.


Here are key foods/nutrients to incorporate this fall to boost your liver health as we head into the colder months:



Interested in a more specific and customized Autumn food guide? Schedule an appointment to find out how to shop, prepare, and cook this season to feel vibrant and well!

Ellina Gurevich, Nutritionist Ellina Gurevich, MScN A lover of all things health + wellness, food, movement, & nature, Ellina completed her Master of Science in Nutrition at the National University of Natural Medicine. Harnessing the power of food as medicine, Ellina uses whole foods & herbs for healing, nourishment, and vitality. Focusing on functional nutrition with a systems based approach, she is a believer that addressing the root cause of disease enables one to heal completely while incorporating wellness into their life for the long-term. Ellina employs a holistic framework for health + wellness that also includes movement & self-care practices to integrate body, mind, and spirit. With sharing this toolkit, her goal is to empower anyone seeking optimal health and to support them on their path to well-being.

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