Intro to the gut microbiome

What is the gut microbiome?


Hot button topic right here! We know the word microbiome is connected to all kinds of health concerns and tied to finding optimal health but what’s it all about?


The gut microbiome refers to the collection of microscopic organisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. – that populate and coexist within our digestive system. This colony is HUGE. Researchers estimate that there is more bacteria in our bodies than there are cells, which means knowing and caring about our gut flora is probably pretty important. This is exactly what research shows: the composition of our bacteria alters the functioning of many of our body systems -- digestive, immune, neurological, cardiovascular, etc. These tiny organisms produce enzymes, chemicals, and happy neurotransmitters!


We build up these intestinal flora from the moment we’re born – what we come across and interact with in our environments has an impact on our collection of little belly critters. Enter: Food! Our gut flora have the amazing ability to breakdown components of our food not readily absorbed by digestion to create substrates used for energy, immunity, gut integrity, and synthesis of neurotransmitters. Incredible, right? The same goes for a gut microbiome that is thrown off – manifestations of upset digestion, adverse food reactions, altered mood, and fatigue. There are other environmental factors that can influence our systems as well including too many antibiotics, stress, dehydration, and trauma.


Our microbiome is a personalized roadmap to health if you give it the nourishment and attention it deserves! Happy + balanced gut critters will leave you feeling well, good, and pretty darn happy too!

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