FoRM Definitions: Functional Nutrition

The word “functional” sounds straight-forward enough but what does it actually mean as it relates to nutrition? Stemming from the functional medicine model, functional nutrition is a systems-based approach that uses a whole-foods and nutrient-rich diet to address the root cause of chronic conditions or illnesses. Put simply, functional nutrition acknowledges the power of food as medicine and how deeply influential the foods that we eat are on our physical, mental, and emotional state. I really like to embrace the philosophy: eat well - feel well - do well. 


How do we do what we do? Functional nutritionists use not only clinical markers (i.e. lab panels, biomarkers, etc.) but also food sensitivities, environmental factors, and lifestyle considerations to assess an individual’s true nutritional status. More specifically, functional nutrition explores:



It the WHOLEISTIC picture of an individual’s unique ecosystem that allows for changes that affect the whole body. Functional nutrition encourages a positive relationship and lifestyle around nutrient-rich foods that will optimize health across all of our body’s systems for the long-term.


What can functional nutrition address?

Tired of feeling unwell? Come see us! Functional medicine will uncover the basis of any possible imbalances and functional nutrition can help support you in building a vibrant, nourishing, and delicious lifestyle! 

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