Facial Rejuvenation...Acupuncture-style!

Face the consequences.        

Put on a brave face.        

Why the long face?


Face it, there is no other part of your body that spends as much time exposed to the world as your face.  It has the enormous job of communicating your thoughts and feelings to those around you; it must see and be seen, everyday. 


Your health and your life experiences are literally written all over your face.  Unprocessed emotions become repeated expressions that cause tension in your facial muscles and create wrinkles over time.  The make up of your diet and the ability of your body to effectively absorb nutrients is reflected in the quality and tone of your skin.  And the state of your hormones plays a huge role in skin health, with imbalances causing dryness, sagging, puffiness, and dark spots.


Facial Acupuncture is designed to address these root imbalances while also invigorating circulation in the face, treating overactive or weak musculature, and stimulating collagen production.  This is a sampling of concerns that Facial Rejuvenation has been used to treat:



Each Facial Acupuncture session consists of an intake, acupuncture applied to points on the face and body, followed by gentle cupping and Gua Sha on the face. Body points treat system imbalances that may be affecting skin health such as digestion and hormones, while facial points may be applied to tense muscles, threaded along wrinkles, or used to gently lift the skin of the jaw, cheeks and brows.  Cupping relaxes the muscles of the face while encouraging microcirculation and moving stagnant fluid. Gua Sha, which is a manual therapy that uses small jade tools, helps to soften lines, firm the skin, and detoxify the face through lymph stimulation.


Because I use the highest quality facial needles on the market for the smoothest possible insertion, patients report feeling very comfortable and relaxed during the treatments.  The cupping and gua sha do not leave dark marks like those you might see on athletes who have had body cupping. Despite the use of arnica before and after needling, bruising is still a possibility when needling on the face.  Patients on blood thinning medications will be more likely to experience bruising.  


Facial Acupuncture is a very stimulating treatment and brings a lot of energy to the face and head.  Those with the following conditions are advised to avoid these treatments:



The average recommended treatment plan for Facial Acupuncture is a series of weekly treatments for 10-12 weeks.  Patients who commit to a series will see the best results, and will also find that the effects are longer lasting.  Having one or two Facial Acupuncture sessions is a great way to get your glow on for a few days, but there won’t be as much noticeable, lasting change.


The best part about getting facial rejuvenation at FoRM health?  If you need extra help with nutrition, I’ll send you to our master nutritionist, Ellina Gurevich. Hormones out of whack? Dr. Herman can help bring you back into balance and optimize your skin from the inside out. Dr. Readhead can set you up with an IV full of skin boosting nutrients, and Wairimu Lazenby is happy to help with microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, and more!  If you’re in pain and getting relief is your priority, Dr. Minarik has your back. We’re all here to help you face the world with confidence, clarity and vitality.  


P.S. Facial Acupuncture is getting a lot of press these days, check out these articles below!







Hilary Constant, LAc Hilary works with her patients on a range of health complaints, including acute and chronic pain, anxiety and depression, digestive issues, menstrual irregularities, infertility, and other hormonal imbalances. At the root of her treatments is a desire to help her patients simplify and find a healthy, sustainable balance within their busy lives. She focuses on giving her patients tools to counteract the challenges and stresses of daily life by creating individualized, well rounded treatment plans that may include acupuncture, dry needling/trigger point therapy, gua sha, cupping, nutritional therapy, lifestyle modifications, and Chinese herbal medicine.

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