Covid-19 Updates at FoRM Health

How to get the test:

Covid 19 Antibody tests are NOW available at FoRM! The lab itself is free for most patients, covered completely, by either your insurance or the federal government if you are uninsured.

Requirements for this test include:

1. Schedule a telehealth visit with either Dr. Kai Herman or Dr. Caitlan Readhead, available Mon- Fri. This visit is subject to a co-pay, deductible or out of pocket cost for uninsured ($98 - $150). Available for new and return patients.

2. Following your telehealth visit, schedule a blood draw at either our clinic (FoRM/Elixia) or a Quest Diagnostic service center.

3. You must be symptom free (no fever, cough, SOB) for at least 10 days prior to and upon presentation for the blood draw.

Blood draws performed at our clinic are subject to our normal processing fee of $25. For blood draws performed at Quest refer to Quest’s Covid testing website for more information and to schedule an appointment

Your provider will then message or call you with your results, at no additional charge.


Why get the test:

Covid-19 antibody tests evaluate for a prior immune response to the virus, either as a result of viral exposure not resulting in symptoms or succumbing to the virus with symptoms (fever, cough, SOB, sore throat). If you had fallen ill earlier in the year with similar symptoms, it would increase the suspicion of having had the virus when the results are positive.

While no test is perfect and there is still much to understand about this virus and our antibody response to it, a positive result is suggestive of some degree of immunity to this virus. And since this test is imperative to better understand our immune response to this virus, the more data (ie the more testing) that can be collecting and analyzed the quicker we can move toward long-term solutions.

Positive antibody tests do not confirm the diagnosis of Coronavirus, nor give someone license to ignore social distancing and other public health guidelines.


Other clinic updates:

As of May 1st, we have increased our hours of operation and are offering most of our services, with the exception of aesthetic procedures (we will notify you when this changes). We have also updated our policies to reduce spread of the virus. Here they are:


To schedule your appointment, call 503 232 5653 or go to

Dr. Kai Herman ND Kai Herman, ND, is as a functional medicine doctor who specializes in hormonal health and natural aesthetic treatments at FoRM Health PDX in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Kai received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology with honors and research credentials from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Starting her career as a mental health counselor, she transitioned to working as a fitness professional, after recognizing the interconnectedness between mental wellness and physical health, dedicating six years in the wellness industry, helping clients through injuries, weight loss, and health optimization. Her experience in mental health and the wellness industry eventually led Dr. Herman to pursue naturopathic doctor training at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland. After earning her degree, she completed a one-year residency with a focus in regenerative medicine, including Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy.

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