Your skin is trying to give you clues as to the status of your underlying health.
Understanding what your skin is trying to convey to you, empowers you to be more proactive about your health.
Here are 4 common skin problems and actions you can take to begin addressing these issues from within.

ACNE: breakouts can be a sign that your hormones are out of whack and/or your digestive tract is struggling to clear toxins and waste. Acne often improves when you clean
up your diet. Cut out sugar, processed grains, dairy and increase your vegetable (skin protective nutrients and fiber) intake to 7-9 servings daily to reduce the inflammation, toxic burden and help balance hormones to stop the vicious breakout cycle.

ROSACEA: excessive facial flushing and inflamed blood vessels may indicate you have a food sensitivity. Solving this mystery involves either following an elimination/reintroduction diet or getting a blood draw to see which foods are triggering your immune system. Adding a probiotic or probiotic-rich food can also help decrease symptoms associated with food sensitivities.

UNDER-EYE CIRCLES and EYE BAGS: Eye bags can be a sign your kidneys are under stress and
aren’t maintaining a proper fluid balance in your body. In addition, dark eye circles may be a
sign you are sleep deprived. Cut out caffeine, increase your water intake, and aim for 8-9 hours
of sleep per night to bring back a more youthful appearance.

PUFFY FACE- aka water retention. Eating too many grains, sugar, and drinking alcohol in excess
will raise your insulin levels (the hormone which responds to sugar in the blood). When insulin
spikes, your body will hold on to more water and this effect manifests as “chipmunk cheeks”.
This unsightly problem can quickly be remedied by cutting out the sweets, replacing grains with
greens (ie pasta for zucchini noodles) and drinking in moderation (no more than 2 drinks/night,
fewer is even better).

At FoRM Health PDX, we have many solutions that help you address skin issues from the outside- in and the inside out. We integrate Functional Medicine with Natural Aesthetic treatments for quick results and long-term benefits.

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