Managing Inflammation from the Inside Out!

Veggie Bowl + Egg.jpg

Have you ever heard that inflammation is good? On an acute and small scale, inflammation is our body’s natural response to injury or insult. We need the inflammatory response to start a cascade of healing processes that bring us back to balance. It’s when inflammation becomes chronic, widespread, and affects our tissues/organs that we experience pain and lack regeneration. When it comes to our musculoskeletal system, specifically, we want to make sure that we not only move the body in a way that is sustainable but also feed ourselves in a way that supports recovery. This is where anti-inflammatory foods come in!

 The anti-inflammatory diet focuses on foods that encourage regeneration and restoration of the optimal functions in our bodies. Here’s what to keep in mind when deciding which foods support your body and reduce pain:

  •       Eliminate inflammatory foods.

    • Think processed foods, trans fat, high-sugar, refined grains, conventional animal products, and excessive alcohol

  •       Get as many vegetables onto your plate as you can!

    • Dark leafy greens, colorful root vegetables, variety of brassicas

  •       Fruit!

    • The darker the color the more nutrient dense & higher antioxidant count

  •       Increase omega 3’s!

    • Cold water fish, flax seeds, walnuts

  •       Focus on whole grains.

  •       Add lean meats but reduce red meat consumption.

  •       Fermented foods!

    • Fantastic for digestion

  •       Add lots of spices & herbs.

    • This is where Turmeric comes in!