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The bottom line is that we all want to feel better, move better, and look better.


FoRM Health PDX offers an integrative approach to medicine, blending the best of traditional and natural medicine with emerging orthobiologic therapies that help encourage the body to age well from the inside out. Currently there are few therapies definitively proven to directly regenerate tissue, but there are many ways to stimulate the body’s normal healing response. Working with patients to improve their health systemically through functional medicine, nutrition, hormones, exercise, and lifestyle forms an ideal situation for optimal recovery and regeneration.

FoRM: Functional Regenerative Medicine

The idea for FoRM arose between Drs. Herman and Minarik, realizing they both had similar and complementary approaches to their specialties in medicine. Having shared passions for athletics, an interest in anti-aging strategies, and beliefs in an integrative approach, a natural collaboration developed. Following their naturopathic roots, they recognize that promoting healing, whether in orthopedics or aesthetics, works better when the fundamentals of health are addressed through Functional Medicine.

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FoRM currently operates in the same building as Elixia Wellness Group in the Sellwood Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Please note that Elixia provides reception and billing services for FoRM at this time, so some communication may be with Elixia directly.

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