Using innovative, natural procedures, we offer services aimed at helping you feel your best from the inside out.



Regenerative orthopedics


We offer a range of injection and myofascial techniques aimed at stimulating (or re-stimulating) the body to heal and recover from injury. Particularly effective for chronic injuries and arthritis, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and prolotherapy are common modalities used, with the advantage of ultrasound guidance to ensure safe and proper administration of solutions injected.  Beyond injections and localized therapies, we aim to identify and treat any underlying systemic problems that may be delaying recovery.

Functional & Naturopathic medicinE


Too often, people settle for long-term reliance on medications and/or suffer with chronic symptoms because they are unaware of solutions to their problems. Functional Medicine is a solution-forward approach to healthcare. By identifying the root cause of illness and customizing a treatment plan, using integrative, minimally invasive approach, chronic health woes can be a thing of the past. Drs. Minarik and Herman follow a proactive style of healthcare, utilizing natural and scientifically-substantiated treatments which provide the body the greatest potential for long-term wellness and optimal function. 

Regenerative Aesthetics


We offer a variety of effective and safe aesthetic procedures which naturally work WITH your body to shed the veil of aging. Platelet Rich Plasma, micro-needling and medical laser procedures allow you to put your best self forward without the risk of unwanted changes to your appearance or side effects. At FoRM, we successfully address thinning hair, aging and sun-damaged skin, scarring, and other imperfections, with safe & natural procedures while optimizing your health from the inside out to provide long-term results.

What We Offer

Platelet Rich Plasma
Acupunture & Dry Needling
Ultrasound imaging & Guided Injections
PRP Hair Restoration
PRP Skin Rejuevenation
Medical aesthetics & Laser
Natural Hormone solutions
IV Nutrition and Ozone Therapy
Specialty Laboratory Tests

Healing Journey

Feel Better | Move Better | Look Better

"The steady progression of my hair thinning has stopped. PRP really works! I love that my hair is getting thicker and thicker, PRP is a great solution to hair loss. Dr Kai is very professional and makes you feel at ease. I'm really glad I made the choice to have PRP treatments".

- EH


"Dr Minarik has helped me with various sports related injuries over the past several years.  He is always very attentive, professional, personable and thorough - focusing on the root cause and not just the symptoms.  He is versed in many methods of treatment from the alternative to the traditional, and is always using cutting edge solutions.  He understands the mindset of the athlete and can even make a dry needling session enjoyable!"

- KR